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Tough Facts about Air Pollution and Kids

  • Apr 05, 2022
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The two age groups most affected by air pollution are the old and the young. The long-term health of both age groups is threatened by the problem. Scientific study has shown beyond reasonable doubt that air pollution and kids can be a deadly combination.

It has been determined that babies are often born with many harmful elements already in their systems, and these are not naturally a part of the gestation process. Some of these elements can be attributed to the mother’s care of herself during pregnancy, and others may fit in with the father’s contribution to the gene pool.

In some cases, babies have foreign and destructive agents present at birth even when the parents do not contribute negatively to the health of the fetus. The more obvious signs of problems affecting babies are low birth weight and infant mortality.

A big player in the health of the baby or the unborn is air pollution within the locale where the parents reside and the interior spaces where the mother spends most of her time. The most important concept to glean from this situation is that many babies are born with one or more strikes against them, which cannot be reversed in many cases.

While exterior bad air quality is difficult to deal with from a personal standpoint, the home is one area where parents can exert some control. The Rabbit Air BioGS SPA-421A is capable of handling the air purifying for about 600 square feet of interior living space. It is less expensive to operate than many other units because it has a washable pre-filter.

It’s Not Just How You Live

Many families do not have much control over where they live. Cities are known to have more air pollutants than are found in rural locations. Choosing to live in the city is often a necessity to have a meaningful income to support a family. The suburbs are sometimes an improvement over the inner-city residences, but that is not a guarantee of clean air.

Living near an industrial area usually means there are pollutants spewed into the air from burning fuels. Industries are often located in suburban areas. The legislature works toward measures to clean up factory and industrial pollution, but it isn’t possible to stop manufacturing the products people need.

The primary air pollutant is the combustion engine, and studies indicate that air quality is much worse in areas located near the primary lanes of traffic. Individuals who live near interstate highways have a much higher tendency to the health problems related to air pollution. Some studies even indicate that it is hazardous to live over a half-mile from the main traffic areas.

Obviously, there is no way to escape air pollution completely, and young people cannot live in an industrialized country without some exposure. Because people stay inside more than they do outside, an air filtration system such as the Austin Air Healthmate purifier is one way to reduce the dangers for children and the entire family from air pollution.

Air purifiers are the best that can be done to help maintain healthy indoor air. Mothers to be should consider the use of portable air purifiers during their pregnancies, as well as after their children are born.

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