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Best Coffee Maker In April 2022

If you need a morning pick-me-up, then you’re going to want one of the best coffee makers. This market is saturated with all sorts of brands and models, but to find the best, you’re looking for one which produces a perfect balance of flavor, incorporated with a user-friendly design. The coffee produced should be rich with a thick crema, with the kind of aroma that lures you into the kitchen. The design, on the other hand, should have convenience at its core, offering a variety of hot drink options that you can customize to taste. If you like a milky coffee, then you’re going to need a milk frother as well, which should effectively heat the milk at the touch of a button. 

However, as mentioned earlier, there’s a huge range of coffee makers to choose from in this market. Plus, the features to consider are endless, from smart capabilities to cold brew options. So, how do you know which will be right for you? Luckily, we’ve done the research and have put a range of coffee makers to the test to help you decide. Here are the best coffee makers.  

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TOP Choice #1 Jura GIGA 6 Aluminum Automatic Coffee Machine
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  • Energize your breakroom with the Keurig K-3500 Brewer and this included an eight-count Premium Merchandiser with a full assortment of roasts, teas, and cocoas to satisfy all tastes. Ideal for the busy breakroom, this brewer is engineered for continuous use and back-to-back brewing. Direct-waterline plumbing delivers back-to-back, one-touch brewing of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in about a minute with no need to refill a water reservoir. STRONG option delivers a bolder, more intense flavor. Brewer offers a choice of five brew sizes (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz.) and can accommodate a travel mug. An intuitive user interface on a high-resolution touch screen provides a clear status review while the screensaver feature saves energy when not in use. An internal water tank is completely drainable for easy transportation and relocation. Brewer also features an automatic K-Cup pod ejection, an on-demand hot water dispenser. The K3500 Commercial Brewing System is Commercial UL and NSF certified.
  • The next generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve coffee system complete with a variety of brew types and sizes you can't get anywhere else. There's even a built in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities. Plus a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the comfort of home. Pod free single-serve brewing gives you the freedom to use any brand of coffee and to adjust the number of grounds used allowing you to achieve unlimited variety and personal customization of your coffee drinks. Ninja's patent-pending Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology allows you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite ground coffee and enjoy a hot, great-tasting brew with variable levels of richness. Classic Brew provides a smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee; Rich Brew's intense flavor stands up to milk, creamers, and flavorings; and Over Ice Brew makes the perfect iced coffee that never tastes watered down. Ninja's Signature Brews, Cafe Forte and Specialty take coffee to the next level. Cafe Forte is a robust cupful of complex flavors, bringing out the nuances of your coffee for a full-bodied gourmet experience. Specialty Brew is a super-rich concentrate that can be combined with frothed milk to create bold, decadent coffeehouse-style drinks hot or cold, layered or blended. Our Ninja Coffee Bar System features an integrated frother that lets you brew, froth and drink in your favorite mug. In just seconds, you can transform hot or cold milk into a silky foam topping for all your favorite indulgent coffee drinks. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar System has Auto iQ One-Touch Intelligence Technology, which draws just the right amount of water from the reservoir, based on the brew size and brew type you choose. And for the first time ever, the Ninja Coffee Bar System offers XL settings for both cups and travel mugs.
  • The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Universal Coffee Maker's 3-in-1 brewing capability lets you brew a cup in about a minute with a name brand capsule, pod or ground coffee. With its 56 oz. water reservoir, you can brew multiple cups without refilling. The FlexBrew Universal Coffee Maker gives you the option to brew 1.35, 2.7 or 5 oz. of espresso or 8, 10 or 14 oz. of coffee with a pod or ground coffee. The powerful 19-bar pressure espresso pump provides fast brewing and creates a rich espresso crema.
  • Start your day off right with a little boost of energy. The Mr. Coffee Programmable Espresso Maker helps you bring the coffee shop into your home with easy-to-use programming. Make your favorite espresso drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes, in your home. This espresso machine lets you brew it all with quick and even heating and pre-programmed settings. Select your cup size, pour 1 or 2 cups, and chose your coffee preference between espresso, latte, and cappuccino. You can also pour a cup manually using the manual pour and froth functions. Make creamy lattes and cappuccinos using the milk frother wand on the side. This high-performance espresso maker produces 19 bars of pressure to extract the perfect amount of flavor from your coffee beans. To use, just fill up the espresso machine with water, milk, and your favorite espresso beans, then plug it in. With 1 button push, this programmable espresso machine starts up and brews your favorite drinks. When you're done, you can start up the cleaning session with a simple button push. Brew espresso whenever you want with the Mr. Coffee Programmable Espresso Maker.
  • Bundle Includes: Cuisinart Espresso Maker and ChefWave Bonne Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 16 Grind Settings (Stainless Steel)
  • Heat Cups: You can even heat cups on the warming plate above to keep your beverage steaming hot
  • Easy to Use: Press an espresso and then use the stainless steam nozzle and frothing cup to transform it into a latte or cappuccino
  • Brewing: Brews one or two cups, ground espresso or pod
  • Perfect Cup of Espresso: Imagine the aroma of a fresh cup of your favorite espresso beverage– hot, rich, bold, and flavorful
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel thermal carafe with comfort grip handle holds up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Note: Pg 10 from the user manual notes the proper way to place and lock the carafe lid for brewing and pouring
  • Smart basket recognition: System recognizes basket and displays coffee or tea drink options
  • Coffee and tea brew settings: Brewing technology offers an array of coffee and tea options
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How to choose the best coffee maker for you

Will it fit?

A coffee maker sits on the countertop, so measure the space where you plan to keep the machine before you buy one. Be sure to determine the clearance between the countertop and the bottom of your cabinets. Most, but not all coffee makers will fit under a cabinet.

Coffee quality

If you're passionate about coffee, look for a brewer that says it meets the Specialty Coffee Association's Golden Cup Standard. This means the coffee brews at what is regarded as the perfect time and temperature for the best cup of Joe. But be aware that this standard calls for using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for each 5-ounce cup, which produces a very full-bodied, strong cup of coffee that is not to everyone's taste.

Cup size

Keep in mind that coffee-maker cups are the equivalent of 5 ounces, or an old-fashioned teacup that isn't filled to the brim, leaving room for milk. Most coffee mugs in use today hold upward of 8 ounces. Therefore, a typical 12-cup coffee maker brews enough coffee for about seven mugs at the most.

What kind of carafe?

Models with thermal carafes tend to be more expensive than those with glass carafes. You can bring thermal carafes to the table, where they'll keep coffee hot for refills. However, these carafes have narrow openings that are difficult to hand-wash, and most can't be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Paper or permanent filters?

Decide if you want to use a permanent filter or paper, disposable ones. Permanent filters are better for the environment, and you don't have to constantly replace them, but they do need to be thoroughly washed by hand and they tend to stain. Also, it's easier to toss paper filters in the trash than knock the grounds out of a metal filter. You may also find that the taste of the coffee produced differs depending on filter type and that you prefer one over the other.

Do you want to set it and forget it?

With many machines, you can program them ahead of time to brew in the morning or right before you get home, and you can even set them to brew at the same time every day. But such features add to the price and work only if you take the time to read the manual and figure out how to use the setting.


When should you replace a coffee maker?

In general, coffee makers come with a one2022 warranty, but big brands like Cuisinart can offer up to three years of protection. The average lifespan of a coffee maker is about 5 years, we don’t recommend buying an extended warranty since repairs within that timeframe will usually cost less. Plus, rather than repair your coffee maker, you’ll likely want to replace it when it fails. 

Issues that signal it’s time to buy a new machine include failure to brew, coffee that isn’t hot enough, or leaks. If the brewing process starts to slow down or the java develops an off taste, be sure to descale your unit before you decide to buy a new one; it could just be clogged with mineral deposits. 


How to care for and maintain a coffee maker

It's essential that you know how to clean a coffee maker so that all your brews can taste as fresh as the first one. You'll find a quick rundown here.

To avoid a stale-tasting brew, start with cold water and fresh-ground coffee.  

Don't overfill the basket with coffee grounds. If you add too much, the grounds can overflow and clog the machine. 

Regularly clean all the parts of the coffee maker that come into contact with coffee grinds. The grinds leave behind an oily residue that builds up over time and affects the taste of the coffee. 

Run a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water through the machine to descale it, or prevent the build-up of mineral deposits that can clog the device and slow the brewing time. If you're waiting longer than usual for your Java to be ready, your brewer is overdue for a descaling.


Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

Some of the best coffee maker brands charge incredibly premium prices for their creations. It should be noted, though, that some expensive coffee makers might not necessarily be worth it for the everyday consumer. Prices that range up to $600 or $700 often focus on flexibility and precise control over aspects of brewing like temperature, steeping times and intensities, bloom and grind density. 

If you're looking for a pro barista grade experience, these more expensive coffee maker options can be well worth their price. However, if you just need a quick shot to get you up in the mornings, we'd recommend steering clear of these more premium devices. 


Features to look out for

Coffee makers are built with more than practicality in mind. The aesthetics are just as important as the performance these days — after all, this machine will be on display in your kitchen for some years. Some feature a timeless brushed steel finish, while others are much bolder with a glossy, painted exterior. Before you choose your favorite, make sure that its size is suitable for your countertop; some are much bigger than they appear. 

The latest models come with plenty of useful features. One to look out for is the ability to grind coffee beans and then automatically transfer the grounds to the filter basket. In doing this, you’re getting the freshest coffee possible. Some machines also come with settings that let you control the strength of the brew as well as the temperature of the coffee. Controls such as these are a brilliant addition as you can try out different combinations until you find your favorite setting. Size selection is another important factor; some designs let you choose from a single-serve coffee up to an entire pot, which can save waste. 

Coffee makers have come a long way in terms of tech as well. Some feature touchscreens rather than manual controls, while others can connect to your Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth. In doing this, you can control the coffee maker handsfree through your smartphone or even using voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

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