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Upgrade Your Home or Workplace with Plants That Clean the Air

  • Apr 08, 2022
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The job of plants has always been to replenish the oxygen around us. This is why “tree huggers” have been saying for a hundred years that we should maintain vegetation instead of clear-cutting the land. What may not be apparent to everyone is that plants not only produce good clean air, they take the pollutants out of the existing air.

An amazing thing about plants that clean the air is that all plants fall into that classification. There seems to be no plant that will not contribute when it is given water and sunlight to do its work. Whatever type of plant you like, you can expect it to replenish the oxygen in the air.

Humans have attempted in all manner of ways to bring about their own extinction, or at least it would seem so by their actions. Constantly producing chemicals and equipment that spew harmful gases into the environment and, at the same time, destroying the vegetation that cleans up those gases doesn’t compute to good common sense.

In California, the redwood forests have been under attack for decades because of the smog from the cities. Even though they process the air as other plants do, they have been given too much bad air to convert. Although the giant trees might disappear at some point, there are other trees that are resistant to smog and will replenish our oxygen, if they are allowed to grow.

Clean Air and Indoor Plants

Probably before people had the idea that plants were good for producing quality air indoors, they used container plants for their beauty alone. Part of the wonder of plants is that they make us all feel better because they are providing us with clean air. Even when you don’t think about it, you automatically feel better breathing clean air.

Plants work with the environment they are given. If the air quality is extremely poor, they make it better. When indoor air is good, plants adjust to the conditions, but they never stop producing.

If a building has an air purifier, it doesn’t hurt the plants, it only makes their job a little easier. The Alen T300 review reveals what you can expect from a filtered air system.

Living Plants Bring Better Performance

Businesses that have living plants are reported to get better performance from employees. Again, this is directly related to how people feel, which encourages them to do a better job.

The location of plants in the workplace has some bearing on the value of their contribution. Photocopiers are known to put off VOCs, and this can be offset by placing plants in close proximity.

As hard as plants work, they can’t be expected to handle all of the toxic fumes we put into the air. If a home or a workplace could be like a greenhouse, with no chemicals or man-made products, plants would provide excellent breathing conditions.

Since that is an impossible situation, it is necessary to add to the good that plants do with products like a Blueair 501 air purifier or other suitable equipment.

If your home is void of plants, consider adding a few along until you have enough to make a difference. Just one plant per room in your home will help.

Even if it is necessary to care for them and furnish water when they need it, what they give back to us is priceless. They work for us every day, without charging a dime for this service.



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